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Marketing Consultancy

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Your Marketing Consultant needs your support to succeed.
When consultants come in to provide support to your business, whether it’s on a one-time project for a longer-term retainer, there’s some info they need in order to develop and execute a successful strategy.

Three of these things are:
BRAND KIT– Logo, Colors, Fonts, Logos, Use Guidelines; these are all critical to maintaining brand consistency.
BUSINESS GOALS – It’s important to take time to sit down with your new consultant and let them know what’s happening in your business. What service do you want to focus on? What sales are coming up? Are you launching any new projects? Planning to move into a new geographical location?
TIME – No matter how good, no consultant can get you results next week. Give your consultant 3 to 6 months to develop, execute, analyze, and adjust a strategy as needed (at least).
Whether you’re looking to outsource social media management or want to bring on a part-time Fractional
CMO, send us a DM to learn more about our services.

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